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Pacifica II is a sumptous, textured cut pile carpet that is made out of a 100% eColor Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester and comes in 20 colors. Pacifica II comes with 25 year warranty for wear , manufacture defects, soil and rention. America's Floor Store also gives a lifetime warranty on for stains, fade, and pet stains!

Product Name: Pacifica II
Style Number: CEX-PCFCA55
Available Colors: 20
Yarn Content: 100% eColor Solution Dyed BCF Polyester
Width: 12
Stain Resistance: Lifetime
Abrasive Wear: 25 Year
Manufacturing Defects: 25 Year
Fade Resistance: Lifetime
Soil Resistance: 25 Year
Texture Retention: 25 Years
Pet Stains: Lifetime
Oz Weight: 55
Made In America
Green Label Plus

Limited Warranties

Lifetime Stain Resistance
25 Year Abrasive Wear
25 Year Manufacturing Defects
Lifetime Fade Resistance
25 Year Soil Resistance
25 Year Texture Retention
Lifetime Pet Stain Resistance