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Laguna I is a lush textured cut pile carpet made out of 100% eColor Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester. Laguna I comes in 20 colors and has a 25 year warranty for wear, manufacture defects, fade, soil. Laguna I also has a life time warranty for general stains and pet stains.

Product Name: Laguna I
Style Number: CEX-LGNA40
Available Colors: 20
Yarn Content: 100% eColor Solution Dyed BCF Polyester
Width: 12
Stain Resistance: Lifetime
Abrasive Wear: 25 Year
Manufacturing Defects: 25 Year
Fade Resistance: Lifetime
Soil Resistance: 25 Year
Texture Retention: 25 Years
Pet Stains: Lifetime
Oz Weight: 40
Made In America
Green Label Plus

Limited Warranties

Stain Resistance~Lifetime
Abrasive Wear~25 Year
Manufacturing Defects~25 Year
Fade Resistance~Lifetime
Soil Resistance~25 Year
Texture Retention~25 Year
Pet Stains Resistance~Lifetime